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  • Liz Whitaker

New CTO and Software Development Partner

Two exciting new developments to accelerate our Business Intelligence Software.

First, appointment of Andrew Robey, Propella CTO, a seasoned IT leader and practitioner with a track-record in delivering and managing world-class technology solutions for the global corporate and professional market. Andrew is responsible for the ongoing development and delivery of Propella business intelligence software for our clients, partners and franchisees. More on Andrew here

Second, appointment of developers borwell ( finish our Beta product. They shone through an intensive due diligence process and impressed us with their can-do attitude, respect for data security (a big issue for our clients) and affinity with our users (they shared our desire to create an exceptional and valuable user experience). Oh, and they like the product and ‘get’ the Power of Personal thinking.

A reminder … the software shows you how to identify the 20% most important people to your business success by working through sectors and organisations. The book, The Power of Personal – How to Connect, Convince and Create Exceptional Client Relationships explains how to introduce a highly personalised level of communication for this 20% (while keeping the 80% informed).

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