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The Power of Personal

How to Connect, Convince, and Create Exceptional Client Relationships


The book, an Amazon bestseller in marketing, sales and customer service, is a comprehensive introduction to the Propella process. We recommend you read the book first to see if we’re the right fit. Bestseller status within ten weeks of launch and 47 five-star reviews indicate it's got something interesting to say. Find liz_power_of_personal on Instagram for stories, ideas and P2P best practice - see below. 

“This book hits a lot of the right spots for me: how to future proof client relationships, leverage internal talent and ensure that time and money spent on marketing are well spent. It’s thought-provoking and accessible. Reading it has been a good investment of my time.” David Fennell, Chief Executive, Gowling WLG

“Written in an easy, forthright style, with some great anecdotes. Sets out a powerful, readily understandable and well thought through methodology for success in marketing and selling professional services and in building productive professional relationships in today's world - as well as pointing out the errors and wasted efforts that so many unenlightened firms and people spend such vast amounts of unproductive time and expense on. I think that anyone in professional services who is serious about wanting to know what goes into building and keeping successful client relationships, or who may appreciate a reality check as to whether or not they are really doing the right things, will find that time spent reading this book will not be wasted and will provide valuable returns."  Corporate partner, top 100 firm

“In our work to obtain new clients we used this thinking to convert a random unstructured approach into a focused one. This helped us to identify the appropriate clients for our business and their relevant business needs. Success came quickly and some of our significant growth is down to this thinking."  Managing partner, regional firm. 

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