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Bring Propella to life ...your life.

Propella incorporating the power of personal is available for teams, leaders, and marketing professionals through workshops, consultancy and coaching, presentations and, coming soon, the Propella Academy.



Our workshops are bespoke, relate to real challenges, and involve group and team working. They are high energy, dynamic and move quickly. Oh, and fun!  There is work to do beforehand (so we can deliver value even before the event) and plenty to do afterwards (to ensure you embed the learning and get what you paid for).  We have a vested interest in you achieving the result you want – something we establish at the start.


Everything is done to a timetable so we always know where we are. Your participants will receive workbooks and you have full access to the Propella tools. Our workshops are perfect if you’re after something to motivate your team, give them something different or improve team working.


Our flagship workshops are;


Finding the Diamonds in the Data 

Workshop one on how to nail your picture of success and identify your priorities using the Propella grid. 

Download: PDF for Teams

Power of Personal Masterclass

Workshop two on how to introduce a highly personalised level of communication for your priorities with spectacular results. 


Download: Power of Personal Masterclass PDF


Propella Bitesize

Super fast and efficient session to achieve a successful outcome on an urgent challenge.

Download: Propella Bitesize PDF


One-to-one Workshops

For leaders (C-Suite, Directors, Heads of), business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals) keen to apply Propella thinking to their role or career challenge. 



Propella Grid

Propella grid is our business intelligence tool available as part of our workshops and any follow-on work.  To see the grid in action please book a Propella 360 Discovery session – we’d love to show how it can accelerate your plans.

Download: The Propella Grid PDF


Consultancy and Coaching


We work with you to implement the Propella thinking into your business usually after a workshop or alongside coaching. Some clients like to keep things moving by keeping us on a retainer.


Our coaching programme for individuals is a series of six one-to-one sessions applying power of personal thinking to your particular management or career challenge. Popular areas include career development, supporting a work challenge or revitalising your role. You will receive your own Propella grid.



Book us for your external or internal events or training programme. We’re the experts in P2P marketing and can shape our presentation to support your messages.  


Propella Academy

To meet demand from larger organisations and to implement Propella thinking at scale, the Propella Academy is a blended learning programme currently in development.  Propella graduates will join an exclusive community of global practitioners, enjoy early access to grid updates, our special events programme with guest speakers, podcasts, case studies and thought leadership.  For early notice of our live date or to book early places, please email


Propella 360 Discovery Session

To book a complimentary Propella 360 Discovery session please email  You tell us what you want to achieve or overcome, and we’ll show you how Propella thinking can accelerate your plans. We’ll work on a grid together which you can keep and use for 14 days.  In this 60 minute virtual session, we’ll also give you three power of personal insights – hence Propella 360.

Power of Personal Scorecard

Want to see how well you're performing against Power of Personal principles? Try our complimentary (and confidential to you) scorecard. Answer 25 questions to measure your success around your current marketing performance, your mission, your market, your communications and your power of personal. Email

Propella Grid
Consultig & coaching
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