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  • Liz Whitaker

Big teams with ambition apply here* ...

Remo. This word will, IMO, join your new normal vocabulary alongside Zoom. Remo is the virtual conference platform I had the pleasure of testing the other evening with my PM Forum speakers cohort for the annual conference on 24 September. Remo is a game changer* and that's not a word I use lightly.'s instinctive to use and mimmicks the conference experience with tables, breakouts, networking, stage, sponsor spaces, a green room, chat, white boards with tra la la MIND MAPS and an energising colour format. Anyhow, back to the conference. The theme is 'Marketing matters in the new normal - Adding value to the bottom line'. See early bird discount before 24 July.

My session will show marketing professionals how to apply the power of personal to existing marketing to improve ROI. I'll be dipping into my Applying the Power of Personal Across the A to Z Marketing Mix Portfolio which is normally only available to clients. *Remo means I can run my Finding the Diamonds in the Data and Power of Personal Masterclass workshops for more than 12 people, ideal for firms with larger, dispersed and international teams. Remo means that will be a guaranteed quality virtual client experience.

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