• Liz Whitaker

An easy skill to perfect - how to write

The best pitch, must-attend event invitation or new service launch campaign can all fall apart if badly written. In his book, rhetorica: a toolkit of 21 everyday writing techniques, Scott Keyser, The Writing Guy, has dissected what the best writers on the planet do and made it accessible to everyone. His mission is to show people how easy it is to write well. I call his book ‘An MBA in the English language’ and have borrowed a selection of Scott’s advice for readers of The Power of Personal – How to Connect, Convince and Create Exceptional Client Relationships. These include structuring your communication, writing for your reader and finding your authentic voice. Scott has just launched his online writing skills programme. Have a look here for a complimentary sample and to enjoy early-bird rates. https://members.writeforresults.com/get-module-1

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