What’s the mission? If you don’t have one, read the section in the book or we work with you and your team to build a fail-safe plan.


Using the Propella business intelligence software, we plot the sectors, organisations and people, external and internal, who will deliver your mission.


Your priority organisations and people will emerge and we show you how to activate your Ambassadors and nine other characters on the grid including The Prize, The Boomerang and The Pirate. These characters will make perfect sense when you read The Power of Personal!


All priority organisations and people will have individual marketing plans. You can do this yourself or with our input - see Propella in Person and Propella Accelerator.


We show you how to introduce highly personalised communications for your priorities. All is explained in The Power of Personal. Propella software clients enjoy exclusive access to our comprehensive guide Making the Impersonal, Personal – Guide to Using Propella Across the A to Z Marketing Mix.


For the right finishing touches, we can introduce you to tried and tested experts in various marketing disciplines.

Prepare (again...)

...because you’ll need to prepare for the success that comes from the first six stages!

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