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  • Liz Whitaker

The staff loos - more important than ever

Toilets. Who knew? We did because it’s one of the invisible touchpoints employees and potential recruits use to rate an employer brand. I discovered the importance of toilets from an education expert who relayed an interview with one of those super heads who, against the odds, delivers outstanding results despite being in a deprived area. Asked to put his success down to one thing he chose the toilets which were luxe, pristine and kept well supplied. The thinking was that if you respect people at this basic level, they will return that respect (and respect themselves). As people head back to the office in a post-lockdown, but not post-Covid, environment, going to the loo safely presents a challenge. As it says in this article “Lavatories could become a commercial advantage for some companies” and savvy organisations are already investing in changing their facilities. Leaders looking to retain and recruit top talent, it’s not just about career opportunities, the bonus scheme or your lockdown Zoom performance. How you really treat your people will be judged on a much, much wider range of criteria. Our Power of Personal masterclass for Leaders includes the full list of visible and invisible touchpoints. The six one hour 121 sessions are on Zoom. Please contact me for availability.

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