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  • Liz Whitaker

Spotting Winners - We have the technology!

Imagine if you had a tool that would spot emerging winners … especially those companies set for rapid post-pandemic growth. At Propella HQ we have that technology. Combined with your brains, the Propella business intelligence tool was designed to achieve exactly. Now imagine if you had information on some of those business winners – names, numbers, sectors, sweet spots – to open up a conversation. This also exists. Look this Sunday Times Fast Track Covid 19 edition.

Consumer goods leads the way, especially online retail - see trailblazer Gymshark. Then there are businesses supporting our new world life – see Glencar building warehousing for online retail. And then our favourites, the supersmart set taking a stand on sustainability – BrewDog, we salute you. There will, as this report says, always be business owners with the 'optimism, dynamism and sheer guts to succeed'. Our job is to help you find them, preferably before everyone else. Bookings now being taken for our Diamonds in the Data 2021 workshop programme. Sector leads, this is the programme for you. Book a Propella 360 Discovery session to test it out.

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