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  • Liz Whitaker

Q - How can I identify future winners and losers? A - Use the Propella Grid Royalty Axis

Lockdown winners and losers. For a summary of corporate successes and failures by sectors, see this excellent Sunday Times Business feature. Alarm bells are ringing for professional advisors with excess working capital lock-up in clients focused on traditional retail, casual dining and leisure (to name a few) while those invested in entertainment, takeout food and green travel might be enjoying new instructions.

The thing is, there are always winners and losers. Covid merely accelerated a trend. The Propella grid was designed to show professional firms how to identify their priorities for business planning and marketing investment. The starting point is to assess the value, influence and power of different sectors to achieving growth by placing them between 0 and 100 on the Royalty axis.

In our Finding the Diamonds in the Data workshop we give practice and/or sector teams a methodology to identify new and changing priorities in sectors, organisations and people ie future winners and losers.

Finding the Diamonds in the Data is available in 2 x 2 hour virtual sessions for teams of any size and in different locations. Slots available from September.

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