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Power of Personal goes live

Many of you know that I disappeared for a while to write my book and pivot my business. Happily we are emerging from that phase! My book, The Power of Personal – How to Connect, Convince and Create Exceptional Client Relationships, is now showing on Amazon with a release date of 7 May (pre-order available). It’s a business development handbook for organisations selling high value services in highly competitive markets where there is a financial or reputational risk to the client, where trust is paramount and where relationships are everything. The book’s central message is this – people buy from people, and they always will. Accordingly, one size marketing does not fit all, and it never will.

Over the next few days I’ll be sharing some snippets of wisdom from my generous contributors including Leslie Gaines-Ross, chief reputation strategist at Weber Shandwick on relationship capital, Professor Moira Clark from Henley Centre for Customer Management on generational differences, customer experience expert and keynote speaker Larry Hochman on customer loyalty in the digital age, global agility expert Nigel Ewington on communicating across different countries and cultures and ‘the writing guy’ Scott Keyser on choosing and using the right words to demonstrate empathy and find your voice.

And, because all books need a few good pictures, I’ll share my favourite book illustration from marketoonist Tom Fishburne.

Propella Global website will be launched on 3 May.

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