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  • Liz Whitaker

Power of Personal makes front cover feature in PM Forum Magazine

The Power of Personal has its first front cover feature! Cue much celebration at Propella HQ. In this October issue of PM Forum there is an edited version of chapter 4, the one that provides solutions to the common problems professional firms face when their marketing communications aren't working. This sets the scene for the remaining chapters which explain how to identify the 20% organisations and people who are critical to your success and then how to introduce a highly personalised communications approach to this group. Works every time! Also reproduced here is one of the Tom Fishburne cartoons - this one illustrating the relevance (not) of a brand in the mind of the client while the text highlights the critical importance of timing. The Power of Personal - How to Connect, Convince, and Create Exceptional Client Relationships has 37 five-star reviews on Amazon and regularly a top 50 book in marketing and sales, and customer service.

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