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  • Liz Whitaker

How do I make a greater impact at Board level? And other challenges faced by marketers.

How can I make a greater impact at Board level and be recognised as a strategic thought leader in the business? This is easily the most popular question we’re asked to resolve when running Propella workshops for marketing professionals. It was on the list for a lively session we’ve just run for a network of senior marketers representing the UK’s leading wealth management companies. One participant called it ‘thought-provoking and extremely enjoyable’ – job done!

The answer is to talk the language of the business and that language is about winning more work and recruiting top talent. That’s what the Board/management team/leadership team wants to know. Think outcome, not output. This is what Propella promises to deliver. Outcome is so important that before users can create a Propella grid to identify their priorities and design their P2P marketing communications strategy, they have to complete their Mission with numbers, deadlines, milestones and the all-important measurement.

With thanks to @Quentin Crowe and @The Association of Investment Marketers

To book a session on how Propella can overcome your marketing challenges, please contact me on Believe me, we will have seen it before and have the solution.

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