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  • Liz Whitaker

Brainwriting in Propella Workshops - it works and here's why

Brainstorming v Brainwriting? Brainwriting every time. The consistently brilliant Matthew Syed writes about this in his Sunday Times business article on how to get creative, a skill in hot demand right now. He highlights brainwriting as a solution; "Instead of speaking ideas out loud, you jot them down. The ideas can be pinned on a noticeboard, physical or digital, so that others can see them .... before getting into smaller groups to see how they can be taken to the next level, creating a dynamic process of idea improvement." This is exactly what we do in my Power of Personal workshops. The central learning high point is when participants work together on applying power of personal thinking to one of their chosen priority organisations, could be a client or a target. Working together delivers a solution that is always greater than the total sum of the parts. The energy in the room, even a Zoom room, is palpable. Participants always surprise themselves and I am often surprised at the brilliant ideas that emerge. All my workshops, including some new ones for leaders and young professionals, are now available on Zoom. The complete re-launch programme is coming soon (and they all include the Propella methodology highlighted in my last post).

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