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Better business relationships,
powered by Propella



More work. Top talent. An easier life.

That’s what any ambitious professional services leader, partner and marketing professional wants for their business and themselves. 


But first, how to overcome the relentless challenge of securing competitive advantage in a crowded market, nailing exactly where growth is going to come from and figuring how to spend the marketing budget wisely and secure the right returns.  

 After a lifetime of working in professional services, we know where the magic happens. We de-constructed everything we knew and re-constructed it into Propella. It's outlined in the bestselling book, The Power of Personal* - How to Connect, Convince and Create Exceptional Client Relationships. To bring it to life in your world and to access the Propella grid, look at our workshops for teams, leaders and marketing professionals. Or go to our consultancy and coaching options. Or, if you're really up for it, we'll train you how to use it and share with others, your team or your clients (see licence options). 

Propella has its roots in marketing/corporate communications and business development. However, we've also used it (beautifully we might add), in internal communications, recruitment campaigns, merger mandates and leadership communications. 

We show our clients how Propella can identify and convert their future income sources, retain their best people and recruit top talent.

* Need to be convinced that personalisation matters now? Then apply for complimentary chapters one and two exploring 15 reasons around what's happening in the world and what's happening to us.  Clues - new power in word of mouth, the need to respect individual differences (think culture, country, age) and the value of a whole new currency - relationship capital. 


What is Propella?


Propella is a unique (yes, really) business development solution for truly ambitious organisations selling high value services in highly competitive markets where there is a financial or reputational risk to the client, where trust is paramount and relationships are everything.


The Propella Process

Whatever it is you want to achieve, we use the Propella grid to show you how you prioritise the (probably) 20% most important stakeholders to your business. Then we show you how to personalise your communications with these stakeholders with transformative results. That's it.

Propella Movie

Propella Characters


What people say

“The Propella methodology demystifies the noise around client experience and focuses on what’s important activity to create real connected and meaningful relationships.”

Head of Marketing, Top 50 UK Law firm

What can Propella do for you?

Propella delivers at least the following benefits (although our clients often surprise us with what else it can do!)

  • Marketing spend and time is well spent and you achieve ROI.

  • Everyone works towards a shared goal. Propella is a team game played to win. 

  • You realise what and who your priorities are. And what and who are not. 

  • Fee-earners become engaged, even excited, about marketing, working as a team and playing to their strengths. Propella is easy to use and intellectually satisfying.

  • Important clients feel that they matter to you because you clearly know their business and understand them. Propella helps you achieve loyalty levels you thought belonged in the past.

  • The growth (or whatever) you’re after will come from organisations and people you already know, either directly or through recommendations. 

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